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empathy question time!

My sister and I are identical, though classified as separated by psychologists. We were raised for our teen years in different houses, different families, and almost in different States (of AU - still almost 1000 km apart).
Unfortunately, we've always had an empath relationship - though it has almost never gone both ways.
For the most part, my sister has been the "transmitter", and I the "receiver". I have had her morning sickness a few times, now.
Anyways, to skip to now...
My sister has had rather unfortunate luck with carrying a foetus to term. This time, she is pregnant with twins, so her symptoms are more pronounced.
My question is, have any other identical female twins had the same experience? How has the non pregnant twin coped?
Any ideas how to stop me from having morning sickness, and baby brain (not to mention unfortunate cravings)?
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