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I am a twin, 18 years old and French, I am very happy to find a place where twins can talk to each other on the Internet because most of time you only find place where MOTHERS of twins can talk and I feel like I can't exist...

I really need to talk with someone who has a twin because I think they are more likely to understand me... Anyway... So, I am a girl but my twin is a boy... Yes, fraternal twins... The first time I met identical twins they claimed we were not "true twins" and I nearly cried because I am proud of being a twin, always was.

My brother and I were not in the same class but we shared friends (and still have some of them in common), interests, toys, parents (of course), even thoughts. Now, I decided to live very far away from my family and I miss most my brother than my parents (but they will all move here next year).

I don't know why but I always had identity troubles, I mean, I am not able to think of myself without thinking of my brother. Of course, I can say "I" but I do use "We" or "Us" even when I am speaking to someone who don't even know I have a brother... And know I realise that before I repeated his class, we never thought it could be possible for us to do something different, we thought our path would always be the same... And we grew up... And I choose to study english while he choose electricity... And it seemed normal... until now, we're alone and I can't handle this, I can't do anything by myself and I feel helpless, lonely I miss my brother...
Last year, I celebrate my 18 birthday alone. And I still called him because I felt the need to know that it wasn't just my birthday, that it was our. I know he miss me too. Maybe less than me.

The truth is that I can't imagine him dead or living far away from me because we always have been together. Best of friends.

Dunno if anyone has this kind of problem. Being a twin is cool. And it hurts.
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