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Introductions and questions/advice sought [06 Aug 2010|07:11pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

To start off with, my sister (bastyseult) and I are identical twins.
And in another twist of Fate (the gods have a sense of humour, it seems *grin*), my sister has just had identical twin girls.
I'm after advice on how to make these girls feel like individuals, but also to make them know they're very special girls - identical twins born to one of identical twins being so rare. Any parents of twins that have experience, or sisters/brothers who can offer advice?
(Also, bastyseult, sorry for leaking it before you)

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empathy question time! [04 Mar 2010|08:41pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

My sister and I are identical, though classified as separated by psychologists. We were raised for our teen years in different houses, different families, and almost in different States (of AU - still almost 1000 km apart).
Unfortunately, we've always had an empath relationship - though it has almost never gone both ways.
For the most part, my sister has been the "transmitter", and I the "receiver". I have had her morning sickness a few times, now.
Anyways, to skip to now...
My sister has had rather unfortunate luck with carrying a foetus to term. This time, she is pregnant with twins, so her symptoms are more pronounced.
My question is, have any other identical female twins had the same experience? How has the non pregnant twin coped?
Any ideas how to stop me from having morning sickness, and baby brain (not to mention unfortunate cravings)?

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[12 Dec 2009|11:40am]

hi XD i guess i'm supposed to introduce myself :D

i'm allison, and im 15 and i'm a fraternal twin to my sister ashley. we're pretty much polar opposites and don't always get along so great, but love each other anyway. even though sometimes i want to lock her out of the house so i can have some peace. haha

other than her, i have two older fraternal twin sisters (adopted) (they're twins with each other, not with me... but i guess that's a duh cuz then we wouldn't be twins, we'd be quadruplets or something). they're not polar opposites though. heh

welp, that's me!
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New here [15 Jun 2009|10:59am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi! Call me Alli.

I have a fraternal twin brother. We're 15. We are polar opposites of each other, but I think I'm closer to him than any of his friends or other realatives are. We get along fine (except we argue over the computer a lot) and we can sometimes annoy our parents with our antics. After reading several posts about seperation of twins, I feel really sad because I can't imagine being seperated from him for more than a month. the longest time we've been seperated was three weeks, and by the end of that I was desperate to get back home.

So it's me and my bro, Alli and Andrew.

Thanks for reading!

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TV CASTING CALL FOR TWINS [09 Jun 2009|12:19pm]

TV Casting call for a reality/documentary series involving twins with psychic/paranormal abilities and experiences on the Biography channel. Ages 10-17.

If interested, please contact us at kids-psychic@yahoo.com ATTN: Alexandra,  or call 646-674-3045.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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[02 Apr 2009|10:02pm]

[ mood | excited ]

This is a pic of my twin, Shelli (left ) and I (right)
We are both 25yrs old,  she is my bestest best friend lol we share everything, like our deepest darkest secrets, thoughts..I can talk to her about anything..we have similar styles, and the same taste in music and interests, sometimes we even have similar dreams! I remember when we were teenagers, I would have a song stuck in my head, and the next think I know she was singing it. or its the other way around lol also what I think is a weird coincidence is that out older sister is gemini "the twins" when our mom was pregnant with us, she was hoping for a boy, and when they had the ultrasound done the doc. only seen 1 baby because one was in the front blocking the veiw lol months later she gave birth to twin girls!!!!

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Living Abroad [07 Jan 2009|06:58am]

[ mood | cold ]

I miss her.

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hey twins hey, i'm a twin too. [11 Nov 2008|02:29pm]

I am a twin yes that's why I joined this community. We're pisces. Woohooo!
We are about to turn 21. We still share everything even a car. We are going to the same school to pursue the same career. We are best friends. We are each other's other half. We're very much obsessed with these two bands: The White Tie Affair and The Cab.

Are there any other twins who are like us?

We have fun by making youtube videos of our dance parties.
Check them out at: http://www.youtube.com/ilyjessicaomg

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Heya [29 Oct 2008|01:41am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Hi I'm Tassy! I'm seventeen, and have a (faternal) twin brother. We're both out of school (we got our GED's early) and can't wait to go to college together. We don't share a lot of interests in common -I'm really athletic while my brother tends to be more in to music and writing - though we get along well and spend as much time together as possible. We have enough in common to go to the same college at least, or we just don't want to be separated again since I've spent the last four years in Japan for school (sad thing is I still can't speak Japanese very well), but yeah we're going to the same school next year and he's going in to Language studies and I'm hoping to go in to philosophy.

Er...so that's all I can think to say. Hello everyone. *waves*

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[18 Oct 2008|11:43pm]

Hiya, I recommend you all check out Eagle Eye, the movie with Shia LeBeouf. He stars as the lead who happens to be a twin, inevitably his identicalness comes into play for bio scanning stuff but it also has some twin pyschology and emotion which I thought was very well done. It's a pity that it couldn't have been further explored but obvously the main point of the film was some smashy metal and they didn't have time. But I do think it's a good film actually and well worth watching but I found it had a more poignant relevancy to me, as a twin.
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[16 Oct 2008|09:24pm]

I'm 18 and barely 5 weeks into my university course at University College London. My twin sister is in Ediburgh uni and we are really starting to miss each other. We've been apart for 7 weeks before but somehow this seems worse, maybe it's down to being in an alien environment but I feel settled and not anxious about the course at all.

It's the time of our life when we start to take different courses and I want to ask, do any of you grown up twins still feel as "lost" (or "feeling like you're missing something in the same way you would if you lost your shadow, a sort of where did that go? feeling") now as they were when they first moved out? Does it get easier?

(plus I have friends whining about missing boyfriends and I'm like "er, hello, my soulmate's the other end of the fecking country?!")
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Ode to My Twin [20 Jun 2008|11:36pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi! I'm a twin. Here's a random poem I wrote, it's probably not that good but thought I'd share it anyways xxx

Ode to my crazy twin
She makes me laugh (even if it's at really innapropriate times)
She comforts me when I'm down
She shares her secrets with me
She lets me share my secrets with her
She lets me know how much she loves me
She tells me I'm special
She goes along with my bizarre schemes
She lets me tag along on hers
She talks to me in our own little language
She is my best friend
And I am her's

For: My Twinni Kiz


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[04 Jun 2008|09:45am]

Ok, first: Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and understanding me.

Now, I just wanted to ask you if there was a forum (except the Twinstuff board in which twins don't talk much) for twins, not for parents of twins but twins...

Thank you.
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Hello [02 Jun 2008|09:35pm]


I am a twin, 18 years old and French, I am very happy to find a place where twins can talk to each other on the Internet because most of time you only find place where MOTHERS of twins can talk and I feel like I can't exist...

I really need to talk with someone who has a twin because I think they are more likely to understand me... Anyway... So, I am a girl but my twin is a boy... Yes, fraternal twins... The first time I met identical twins they claimed we were not "true twins" and I nearly cried because I am proud of being a twin, always was.

My brother and I were not in the same class but we shared friends (and still have some of them in common), interests, toys, parents (of course), even thoughts. Now, I decided to live very far away from my family and I miss most my brother than my parents (but they will all move here next year).

I don't know why but I always had identity troubles, I mean, I am not able to think of myself without thinking of my brother. Of course, I can say "I" but I do use "We" or "Us" even when I am speaking to someone who don't even know I have a brother... And know I realise that before I repeated his class, we never thought it could be possible for us to do something different, we thought our path would always be the same... And we grew up... And I choose to study english while he choose electricity... And it seemed normal... until now, we're alone and I can't handle this, I can't do anything by myself and I feel helpless, lonely I miss my brother...
Last year, I celebrate my 18 birthday alone. And I still called him because I felt the need to know that it wasn't just my birthday, that it was our. I know he miss me too. Maybe less than me.

The truth is that I can't imagine him dead or living far away from me because we always have been together. Best of friends.

Dunno if anyone has this kind of problem. Being a twin is cool. And it hurts.
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it's really interesting...=) [21 May 2008|09:08pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

well i'm a twin.

anyway me and my brother don't really share much interests with each other.

yet we get along greatly.
when we get angry at each other, it passes by easily. there is nothing really to be forgiven

our relationship with each other is that great =D

i feel so lucky

although, the fighting over who gets to use the computer really does get to me sometimes =P

haha XD

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I believe I am a twin whos twin died befire being born... [07 May 2008|11:34pm]

[ mood | unhappy ]


I am feeling more and morew the ned to talk to someone who might understand whatI am going through. Please read throught my post before dismissing it or condemning mer or telling me to go away, or even befoire believing me

My mother was, herself, a non-identical twein whose brother was stuillborn. Non-identical twin females often have a mother that ovulated twice (one from each ovaryt) a condition that is thought to be henetioc, but because it relates to the female oart of reproduction, is only carried and expressed by the females.
My mothertold me, thar although my birthweight was within normal (5lbs) when I was birthed, they filled two larhe buckets with the amniotic fluidsd from my mothers womb.
A midwife told my mother that she had twins by feel. She had been right on numerous occasions

I have heard that around 50% of pregnancies start as twins, but then one twin dies, and is reabsorbed by either thesurviving twin, or the mother - the so-called 'disappearing twin' syndrome. (the 50% is calculated after taking out KNOWN cases of one twin being miscarried.)

Add in the non-scientific fact that I feel incomplete, have always imagined a twin who can understand what I am,something if me. and I can;t help but wonder.
I asked my mother, who as soon as I mention it, refuses to talk abnout it. She miscarried her first child, an older sib, so I cant help wonder if she's scared to believe (because she diesn't want to believe she might have lost another child) or because, she knows something that she refuses to tell. The odd thing is that she'll talk about Ruth (her prem who died a few hours after birth) but cuts me off with an angry enial if I try to ask about the possibility of being a twin.

Persionally, her reaction seems over-extreme to me, but then, maybe I'm reading more into it than I sholuld.

If you think I'm here for there wrong readons, that I'm pretentious or self-deluded, please tell me, and I'll go, but I am at my wits end with wondering and keeping my thoughts to myself.



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I'm new. [29 Apr 2008|12:02am]

[ mood | tired ]

Hello there. My name is Bianca. I have a twin sister, Bernadette.

We are identical twins born on February 20, 1987 via C-section.

Bernadette is older than I by 10 minutes.

We are native San Franciscans.

I'm glad I found this community. =]

P.S. It's nice to trick people. LOL

I'll provide a picture later. Photobucket is undergoing maintenance.

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Twinstuff & Blogs by Twins [19 Apr 2008|02:38am]



So, I'm in a weird mood where I'd just like to read and talk and be generally "BLAH" about twins.

Firstly, is anyone a member of the forums at Twinstuff? I've recently joined but it seems to be mainly a parent-orientated site, which is fine, but I'd like to just chat and compare lives with other people in the same boat.

Secondly, leading in from the first... does anyone have/know of interesting blogs by twins? I'm itching to get back into online journalling, and I want to see if anyone is obsessive about their twinness as I can be.. :p

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Identical? Fraternal? [03 Feb 2008|01:23pm]

So, last night I got a book called Twins - An Uncanny Relationship? to a part in the second chapter where it explains the differences between identical and fraternal twins. I was like, well I'm identical... "They grow into two seperate foetuses, each with its own placenta, which are 'fraternal' or 'non-identical' twins; the scientific name for them is dizygotic from the Greek for 'two eggs'." Friday Mom and I were watching Nine Months, and it was at the end where the birthing scene was, and she was all screaming and in a lot of pain, and I asked mom, is it really like that, do you really do that much screaming? and she was like, Uh.. yeah, that's not made up. My mom had my sister and I natural. NO EPIDURAL. In fact, if you didn't know this, she also didn't know that there was two of us. It was the eighties and her doctor didn't think Ultrasounds were necessary/safe... Needless to say, afterwards he always did ultrasounds. I was the first born. So I asked, could you feel Julie still in there after you had me? She said, "No. But apparently the doctor could. After Julie was born both placentas came out." So does this mean I'm fraternal? After all these years? Here's what I've found out.

Mirror Image TwinsCollapse )
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[02 Feb 2008|11:52pm]

i'm carolyn and i have twin. her name is amy.

[from left to right: carolyn && amy]

we have a pretty intense relationship. shes in college & works while im struggling with some issues of my own (disorders). we have alot in common but in reality, we're on opposite sides of the scale. she's successful, independent and well.. im not. im far from either.
some more of us.

its hard not to compare each other from one another cause growing up, the second someone knew we were twins they automatically start comparing you. its hard to think that we had the same upbringing but i ended up not as fortunate as her. she didnt get there by luck, no. she worked hard. i just envy her normal life i suppose.




but we have the best times together, we have billons of inside jokes and we truly know each other inside and out. shes my best friend but can be my worst enemy. she has some tough love for me, but its love none the less. she's my hero.
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